pdf Arema Terminal Blocks PDF





  • Molded from High Quality Bakeolite Phenolic
  • AAR 14.1.12-1 Terminal Posts
  • Easily Cut



  • Twinco Terminal Blocks are sold either Bare Block, with 1 AAR Washer and 1 AAR Clamp Nut per post, or "Complete with Hardware." (Refer to chart for Twinco Part Numbers)

  • "Complete w/ hardware" indicates terminal post hardware is supplied. Hardware consists of 3 AAR Washers (14.1.11-8), ) 2 AAR Binding Nuts (14.1.11-6) and 1 AAR Clamp Nuts (14.1.11-7) per post.

  • Consult the factory for any special hardware arrangements or assembly requirements.