Ordering Information

Send order via:

  • Tag nomenclature can be faxed or mailed for Twinco to do the data entry.
  • Files can be sent directly to Twinco on disk.
  • Files can be e-mailed to kfinnigan@twincomfg.com.


Please indicate the following somewhere on your order:

  • Style & Type of ID Product
  • P/N (if available)
  • color (background & lettering)
  • wire diameter or wire # and type (for Style SSA)
  • Purchase Order #
  • Attn: and Ship to: information
  • Phone #, Fax # or E-mail address
  • Or any other information you feel necessary for your order


Regardless of how information is sent to Twinco. It should be presented in the following format:

  • Data should be presented in a simple spreadsheet format, preferable in an Excel or Lotus file.
  • The first row should be column headers designating line numbers, type of tags and/or quantity.
  • If tags are being sent in Excel, Twinco Mfg. Co., Inc. prefers a worksheet be created for each style of tag.


  • For more information on formatting your order, please call Katie Finnigan at (631) 231-0022 x323.