pdf Installation Instructions PDF


Tools Required 1/8” hex wrench, 15/16” box wrench

Parts required Clamp Assembly, Wire Contact Jaw


Installation Procedure:

1. Insert wire into the hole provided in the Wire Contact Jaw and tighten screws with a 1/8” hex wrench as shown in Figure 1. Di-electric grease may be applied to inhibit oxidation of conductive surfaces


2. Loosen nut on the Clamp Assembly far enough to facilitate installation onto the rail flange.


3. Hook “J” Bolt side of assembly on the outer most flange of rail, as shown in Figure 2.


4. While holding the Clamp Assembly in final position, insert Wire Contact Jaw between the clamp and the rail flange, as shown in Figure 3, then finger tighten nut to hold in place.


5. Tighten nut with a 15/16” box wrench until spring is fully compressed, do not tighten any further after this full compression. Then, tighten lock nut as shown in Figure 4.



Figure 1


Figure 2



Figure 3



Figure 4