Twinco was started by John H. Schatz in the basement of his house for the purpose of making tools and dies for various industries. The company was incorporated in 1965 as Twinco Manufacturing Company Inc.

Until 1984 Transcontrol Corporation was Twinco's largest customer. Transcontrol produced vital relays and signal systems for the Railroad and Transit Industry. During this time Twinco's capabilities grew to a point where we manufactured almost all the components Transcontrol required to assemble a product.

Twinco has grown over the years because of our commitment to the customer. We continually invest in the best and most modern, facilities and equipment to enable our employees to be as productive as possible.

Twinco is primarily engaged in production of electrical and electro-mechanical products for the Railroad & Transit Industry. In 1985 Twinco received approval of its first major product: a Train Stop for the New York City Transit Authority. As we have grown so has our products. The following is a brief list of some of our products to date:

- AAR Hardware
- Vital Relays & Components
- Replacement Contacts
- Laminated Tags & Wire Markers
- Train Stops & Trip Layouts
- Impedance Bonds
- Rectifiers
- Pre-wired Signal Instrument Huts & Cases
- Local Control & Indication Panels
- Switch Heater Controls
- Specialized Wayside and Car Equipment
- Engineering Support for special projects


The company activities are conducted in a modern 50,000 square foot freestanding building located in Hauppauge Industrial Park. We have excellent facilities and equipment, and perform and control as much of the manufacturing process as possible. All production is undertaken at this location with the exception of raw material processes such as casting and a few specialized processes.

We are routinely engage in the following manufacturing activities:

- Engineering & Design
- Assembly & Wiring
- Metal Stamping
- Plastic Molding
- CNC Machining
- Tool, Die & Mold Making

All manufacturing activities are under the direct control of the President and the Operations Manager, who have a broad experience and expertise in the manufacture and function of products.

Reasonable access will be available to customer's representatives to verify that the quality system described herein is effective.